Womens March Washington DC, 1/21

New York to DC

Heavy fog, steady traffic. Amtrak's sold out all weekend

Subways Packed Throughout The City

Structures From Inauguration Still Being Removed

Many Brought Their Children

There was a familial feel to the atmosphere

Exited Subway into Live Protest

Monitors set up throughout the city played speeches by celebrities. Tone is peaceful and focused. Some are serious, some smiling and laughing.

'This Cardboard Sign Would Make a Better President'

Monica Jaenicke
Instagram @monicamjaenicke

"Nasty Woman"

- Nina G

"Stand with Immigrants! Say No to Racism!"

"Veterans for Peace"


For about 90 Minutes, All up and down the mall it was impossible to move. People stood shoulder to shoulder and shouted to us in the tree - "When are we going to march?" There was nowhere to march to, no space to be seen. Some left disappointed.

"Hands Off My Rights"

A Truly Spoiled Vacation

The 'March' Finally happened around 4PM

By then the crowd had thinned out significantly

"Freedom From Sexual Harassment & Assault is a Human Right"

"One Human Family"

"Bikers for Trump"

A Small Crowd, dressed mostly in black, walled in on all sides by phalanxes of porta-potties, yelled something into microphones. No-one cared, except Fox News. They set up an interview

Washington DC Police

The Police at all the Women's Marches around the US are to be commended. Of the millions of marchers nationwide, there were only 4 arrests attributed to the marches. Similarly, there were no reports of militarization, riot gear, or mishandling protesters. Officers even relaxed, smiling and joking with protesters.

"This is Really Bad"

"What Year is it?

A common sentiment

An Enlarged Copy of the Declaration of Independence

Unfurled and signed by protestors

Crowd South of the White House

Viewed Almost from the Washington Monument. This was later in the day, after it had thinned out a bit

Washington Monument Mall, Near the White House

Late in the Day, Protesters assemble a Makeshift Shrine with their Signs

Bars and Restaurants Packed Later in the Day

"Pres. Trump's First Full Day Overshadowed By Protests"

"Marchers Answer Inauguration"

Newspapers sold out all over by Noon the next morning